Honda was proud to accept the honor of being Best Sedan in 2016 from the tech-savvy Popular Mechanics recently. They praised it for Honda’s willingness to step outside the realm of convention to deliver a truly unique sedan.

“If one company introduces a cool idea, you can be sure that everybody else is going to copy it within a few years, novelty begetting banality. The Honda Accord is notable for refusing to follow trends, and it’s all the better for it,” says Popular Mechanics.

They praised the Accord’s design for its upright positioning, greater visibility and narrow pillars, as well as the decision to keep a manual transmission trim level in the family.

“Yes, the refreshed 2016 Accord gained those up-to-the-moment driving aids and Apple n’ Android entertainment-system wizardry. Honda knew what it needed to change. More important, though, it knew what ought to stay the same,” says the PM journalists.